NSD 2005 Dalek build – First sanding of skirt

I filled the corners with bondo and did my first pass at sanding. It is getting closer to looking like a skirt. Also, you may notice some wood on the top of the skirt toward the front and two blocks on either side. This is because the bottom of the base for some reason lifted up and the top isn’t level. These blocks are to make the next layer start from a level position. I’m probably going to put some sort of filler between the skirt and shoulders. the front came out okay so I should be able to salvage this skirt.

I installed 2 wheels on the dalek chassis

The wheels came in today. It was a real pain getting them on. The insert was difficult to get in the tire and then getting the tire seated properly to the rim was very difficult for me. Batteries are due in tomorrow. I’m nervous to see if the controls work on this chair. I’m hoping It will be mobile tomorrow. If not I’m going to be very sad. I have a feeling it isn’t going to work.

speechlion with cmu sphinx doesn't seem to like open jdk – gives SEVERE can't open microphone error

I found that once I installed SUNs java6 and ran sudo update-alternatives –config java it started working Note that I’m using ubuntu and the instructions on speechlion say to run update-alternative. I don’t know if that was a typeo or not on their part. So, with speechlion running I am one step closer to controling the system by speech. I had it working on the test bench but never in the car. I want to make one more comment on CMU sphinx and java. Make sure you run the update-alternative(s) command because I found that even though I did an apt-get install in ubuntu that it wasn’t using the sun version until I did. I suppose if you never installed a different version of the java runtime it might not be a problem but better to make sure it is using the right one than to make an assumption. I can’t tell you how hard it was to figure this out because no one bothered to document the issue with openjdk and cmu sphinx and the “Can’t open microphone null error”

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Just installed a One2flush.

What this does is allow me to have the option of “half flushes” when I don’t need all the power of a full flush. This is supposed to cut down water usage significantly. It took me about 2 hours to install it. A good chunk of that time was to remove the old system. The installation was pretty straight forward. The kit looks like it is pretty well made. So far it seems pretty rock solid. There is no flapper or chain to worry about getting jammed open or allowing water to seep past.

Lots of dissapointment on the dalek today

First, I purchased a tube for one of the wheels. I put it in and tried to inflate it. POP. I got another tube. Same thing. Next, I tried to charge the batteries. I was told (at least this is what I remember) that one of the batteries was okay and the other dead. Well, I plugged in the charger hoping to charge at least the good battery. The charger hummed but didn’t seem to do anything. I then pulled both batteries to find that they only read .4V So basically they are both dead. I am unsure if the charger works at this point. I’m trying to desulfate both batteries to see if I can revive them. To counter these setbacks I decided to buy new tires and some solid inserts to replace the tubes. If the batteries don’t get fixed by desulfication then I’ll be on the hook for 2 new batteries at about $120 a piece. Then I should be able to test the control box and motors. If those don’t work then I’ll have to start over and consider all this money lost. So today I spend about $15.00 on tubes, $80 on 2 new tires and the solid inserts. I also bought 2 4×2 pieces of mdf for about $20.

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