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2005 NSD Dalek build – Finally got the base mounted and tested.

First test was pretty good. We found that the front wheels might need to be downsized since they rub against the front wheel openings. I will probably go with 6″ to replace the 8″. Also, the front wheels have tubes and were practically flat. I’m going to get sold tires. I don’t know if you could tell in the video, but my lawn isn’t exactly flat and the fact we could move at all on the law bodes well. We expect we we will be driving mostly on pavement or floors, but it is nice to know we can go across the lawn if needed. Video of test drive

2005 NSD Dalek build – Skirt assembly

I’ve taken two pictures of my 2005 NSD Dalek build. The first pcture shows the x-factor twist that goes in to the Dalek front panels. I think this x factor twist makes a Dalek look like a Dalek.

dalek x-factor twst NSD 2005 dalek build
dalek front panels x-factor twst NSD 2005 dalek build
The second picture is the rear section of the Dalek skirt. Notice there are large gaps between panels. This is probably due to not accounting for the thickness of the panels. I’m not too worried about it, I plan on fiberglassing the joints anyway. I’ll fiberglass from the inside and then use some wood filler on the outside to fix all the gaps. NSD 2005 dalek build rear of skirt
NSD 2005 dalek build rear of skirt

NSD 2005 Dalek build – First sanding of skirt

I filled the corners with bondo and did my first pass at sanding. It is getting closer to looking like a skirt. Also, you may notice some wood on the top of the skirt toward the front and two blocks on either side. This is because the bottom of the base for some reason lifted up and the top isn’t level. These blocks are to make the next layer start from a level position. I’m probably going to put some sort of filler between the skirt and shoulders. the front came out okay so I should be able to salvage this skirt.

Dalek motor trials today.

My brother came over and we went over the motors. It turns out that the right wheels motor isn’t quite right. It works, but it doesn’t sound healthy. I’m debating taking it apart and seeing if it can be repaired, but I expect either a bearing or some other mechanical part (gear or whatever) might be the problem. If thats the case then it won’t be worth trying to fix and we will have to live with it. This chair is so old they don’t even make parts for it. I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find one but it isn’t worth the effort.